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Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography


Разместил: rombik2222

25-11-2012, 09:38

Просмотров: 421

Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography

Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography
QuickTime(.MOV) | Eng | Kelby Training | 2009 | Author: Moose Peterson | Photo | n/a | 801.24 Mb

Yellowstone National Park in the fall is the best place to photograph big game. Join wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he explores Yellowstone and captures amazing images from this national treasure
Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography

Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography

Lesson 01 Welcome (1:42)
Lesson 02 Practical Tips (6:37)
Lesson 03 Do Not Be Afraid of Bad Weather (2:51)
Lesson 04 Time is Everything (6:56)
Lesson 05 Creating the Photo (3:58)
Lesson 06 Composing the Scene (3:46)
Lesson 07 Lone Bison (12:48)
Lesson 08 Bull Elk, Testing, and Teleconverter (11:23)
Lesson 09 Break the Jinx (3:38)
Lesson 10 Scouting After Dark (1:29)
Lesson 11 Working the Background (7:04)
Lesson 12 Bad Boy Number 6 (6:04)
Lesson 13 Camera Bag (3:41)
Lesson 14 Classic Shots (3:07)
Lesson 15 Hand Holding and Panning Techniques (4:23)
Lesson 16 Hop Scotch (7:20)

Quality: n/a
Format: QuickTime(.MOV)
Video Codec: H.264 QuickTime (.MOV), 848 x 480
Audio codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz 118 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Download: Kelby Training - Yellowstone Big Game Photography

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