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SharePoint Server 2010 Administration

Компьютерные >> Сетевые технологии

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14-04-2012, 20:55

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SharePoint Server 2010 Administration

Название: SharePoint Server 2010 Administration
Автор: Clint Richardson, Bill Crider
ISBN: 0470939060
Издательство: Wrox
Серия: Wrox Programmer to Programmer
Год издания: 2012
Страниц: 360
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 46.9 Мб

Get quickly up to speed on SharePoint Server 2010!

Covering all aspects of the SharePoint technology, this unique book-and-DVD combination provides expert guidance within each lesson in the book, which is then supplemented on the instructional DVD. The authors expose you to a variety of SharePoint Server 2010 topics, from organization concerns to training plans to programmer best practices, all aimed at helping you effortlessly find your way around SharePoint without a deep knowledge of the technology. You’ll quickly learn to configure and administer a site or site collection using this book-and-DVD package.
Features informative SharePoint Server 2010 lessons in a book, each of which is reviewed on the accompanying DVD
Puts you on your way to managing lists, sites, and page galleries and setting up Portal site connections and Site analytics
Demonstrates how to provide offline availability, work with features and content types, and use galleries

SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 24-Hour Trainer contains a helpful DVD that reinforces the content of the book and also adds additional explanation and tips as well as showing exactly how the lesson goals can be achieved.

From the Back Cover
Conquer SharePoint configuration and administration

Aimed at anyone who needs to learn SharePoint, yet doesn’t require the deep knowledge of an architect, this book-and-video combination explores all aspects of the SharePoint technology and provides expert guidance so you can confidently configure and administer a site or site collection. Each lesson covered in the book is supported by a video demonstration, introducing you to a variety of SharePoint Server 2010 topics from organization concerns to training plans to programmer best practices. You’ll find this book-and-video package to be invaluable as you develop a set of policies that will help you avoid challenges that arise from poorly planned or managed portal or intranet products.

SharePoint Server 2010 Administration 24-Hour Trainer:
Escorts you through the use of the links under the Site Actions menu
Covers how to use custom themes
Offers guidance for managing the Solutions Gallery
Discusses powerful branding, collaboration, and content approval options
Highlights ways to configure content management options
Demonstrates techniques for managing publishing sites

Table of Contents
Section I: Administration at the Site Level
Lesson 1. Using the Site Administration Menu
Lesson 2. Using the Site Actions Menu
Lesson 3. Changing a Site’s Look and Feel
Lesson 4. Using Custom Themes
Lesson 5. Managing Reporting Services

Section II: Administration at the Site Collection Level
Lesson 6. Site Collection Administration Settings
Lesson 7. Managing the Solutions Gallery

Section III: Managing Search
Lesson 8. Setting Search Options at the Site Collection Level
Lesson 9. Search Scopes for Site Collection Administrators
Lesson 10. Managing Search Keywords for Site Collection Administrators
Lesson 11. Managing Search Availability at the List and Site Level for Site Administrators

Section IV: Setting Up Content Management Options
Lesson 12. Setting Up Content Types
Lesson 13. Publishing Content Types to Use Across Site Collections
Lesson 14. Setting Up the Content Organizer
Lesson 15. Using Document Sets
Lesson 16. Using Hold and Discovery
Lesson 17. Setting Up Records Management
Lesson 18. Setting Up Related Lists

Section V: Managing Publishing Sites
Lesson 19. Setting Up a Publishing Site
Lesson 20. Setting Navigation Options in Publishing Sites
Lesson 21. Setting Branding Options in Publishing Sites
Lesson 22. Using Content Approval in Publishing Sites
Lesson 23. Using Variations in Publishing Sites

Section VI: Configuring Users and Permissions
Lesson 24. SharePoint Security Groups
Lesson 25. Permission Levels

Section VII: Configuring Service Applications
Lesson 26. Configuring Access Services
Lesson 27. Configuring Excel Services
Lesson 28. Configuring Visio Services
Lesson 29. Configuring PowerPoint Services
Lesson 30. Creating Metadata Services
Lesson 31. Using Metadata
Lesson 32. Configuring PerformancePoint Services
Lesson 33. Creating a PerformancePoint Site
Lesson 34. Creating a Business Connectivity Service
Lesson 35. Creating an External List

Section VIII: Site Templates
Lesson 36. Using the Form Template Library
Lesson 37. Using the Records Center Site Template
Lesson 38. Creating a Meeting Workspace
Lesson 39. Personalization Sites
Lesson 40. Creating an Enterprise Wiki Site

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