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The Hacker's Guide to OS X: Exploiting OS X from the Root Up

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7-11-2014, 11:30

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The Hacker's Guide to OS X: Exploiting OS X from the Root Up
Written by two experienced penetration testers the material presented discusses the basics of the OS X environment and its vulnerabilities. Including but limited to; application porting, virtualization utilization and offensive tactics at the kernel, OS and wireless level. This book provides a comprehensive in-depth guide to exploiting and compromising the OS X platform while offering the necessary defense and countermeasure techniques that can be used to stop hackers. As a resource to the reader, the companion website will provide links from the authors, commentary and updates. It provides relevant information including some of the latest OS X threats. It is easily accessible to those without any prior OS X experience. It includes useful tips and strategies for exploiting and compromising OS X systems. It includes discussion of defensive and countermeasure applications and how to use them. It covers mobile IOS vulnerabilities.



Why You are Reading This Book?
What is Contained Within the Guide?
The Path Ahead

History and Introduction to OSX

History and Introduction to OSX
OSX Origins
Common Misconceptions
Environments Leveraging OSX
What Next?

The Filesystem

What is a File System?
The Difference Between Memory Types
Partition Tables
Working up to HFS+
How a File System Works
Disk Fragmentation
The File System Forefathers
HFS Plus
Journaled HFS
Understanding Forks
Fiddling with the File System
Playing with Attributes
Hidden Files

Footprinting OSX

Off the Client
On the Client

Application and System Vulnerabilities

Understanding Vulnerabilities
Vulnerabilities are Equal Opportunity
History of Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
Mac OS X Specific
A Recent Example—Flashback
Apple iOS Specific
Advanced Persistent Threats
Apple Script

Defensive Applications

Secure Configurations
Passwords, Passphrases, and Multi-Factor Authentication
Account Access Restriction
Firewall Configuration
Network Services
Kernel Extension Removal
Examining Commercial Tools
PrivacyScan by SecureMac
MacScan by SecureMac

Offensive Tactics

The Exploits
Using the Ammo in the Weapon

Reverse Engineering

The Basics
Decompiling Journey
Analysis Techniques

Mobile Platforms

Apple iOS Security Model and Overview
Insecurity Overview
The Goods
Please Don’t Hurt My Toys

Mac OS X Tips and Tricks

Web Browser Plugins
Offensive Plugins
Defensive Plugins
Cool OS X hacks
Safari Debug Mode
Total Mac OS X Inversion
More on ACP Applications

Название: The Hacker's Guide to OS X: Exploiting OS X from the Root Up
Автор: Bathurst R., Rogers R., Ghassemlouei A.
Издательство: Elsevier
Год: 2013
ISBN: 1597499501
Количество страниц: 248
Формат: PDF
Язык: русский
Размер: 19.8 Мб


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