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Mathematics Dictionary

Наука и познание >> Математика

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12-04-2016, 00:03

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Mathematics Dictionary

Математический словарь. Многоязычное издание: английский, французский, немецкий, русский, испанский.
Mathematics Dictionary. Multilingual Edition: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.
Combined in this dictionary are explicit definitions of more than 7,000 mathematical terms, concepts and relationships — and multilingual indexes giving in alphabetical order their Russian, German, French and Spanish equivalents — covering a broad range of terms from the elementary to the most recent.

This dictionary is an enlargement and revision of the Mathematics Dictionary, (1949), which was an enlargement of the James Mathematics Dictionary (1942). The Mathematics Dictionary (1949) contained an exhaustive coverage of terms in the range beginning with arithmetic and extending through the calculus. Also included were basic terms in differential geometry, theory of functions of real and complex variables, advanced calculus, differential equations, theory of group and matrices, theory of summability, point-set topology, integral equations, calculus of variations, analytic mechanics, theory of potential, and statistics, as well as many miscellaneous terms of importance in applications and in the structure of sequences of mathematical courses. This book has now been largely revised and many corrections made. Many additional terms have been added in the above fields, as well as miscellaneous terms chosen to increase the value of the dictionary. Additions include the basic terms in the fields of modern algebra, number theory, topology, vector spaces, the theory of games and linear and dynamic programming, numerical analysis, and computing machines.
An important feature of this edition is the multilingual index, in French, German, Russian and Spanish. By giving English equivalents of mathematical terms in these languages, this index enables the reader not only to find the English meaning of a foreign-language mathematical term, but also to find its definition in the body of this book.
The appendix contains many useful tables as well as an extensive list of mathematical symbols. Formulas of many kinds appear in the context.

Автор: James, Glenn; James, Robert C.
Название: Mathematics Dictionary
Издательство: New Jersey: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co
Год: 1964
Страниц: 547
Формат: pdf
Размер: 64 mb
Язык: русский, английский, французский, немецкий, испанский

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