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A Student's Grammar of Malay and Indonesian

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A Student's Grammar of Malay and Indonesian

Автор: Malcolm W. Mintz
Название: A Student's Grammar of Malay and Indonesian
Издательство: SNP Publishing,Singapore
Год: 1994
Страниц: 421
ISBN: 9971003988
Формат: PDF
Размер: 84.35 Мб
Язык: English/Malay, Indonesian
Качество: хорошее

О книге:
The grammar presented here is a pedagogical grammar and has been written for the primary purpose of aiding students who are studying Malay or Indonesian as a foreign language.
The grammar describes modern Malay and Indonesian and makes no attempt to account for the structures and vocabulary typically found in classical Malay literature. The grammar focuses as well on conversational usage. This does not mean, however, that the formal aspects of the modern language are neglected. These are also included but equivalent conversational structures are given so the student will be aware of the type of language most appropriate in both formal and informal situations.
The grammar presents both Malay and Indonesian usage. Where one example serves to exemplify usage in both countries, these examples contain no additional marking: Guru kita sedang makan [our teacher is eating]. Where there is a difference in usage, usage most common in Malaysia is marked with a raised M, and that most common in Indonesia with a raised I. A slash (I) is used to s~arate the two when a citation is made in the text: Jam ini rosak M/ rusak [this watch is broken]. Where individual examples are given, separate entries are shown for both the Malay and Indonesian. The Malay example is always presented in the left column and the Indonesian in the right.
"I prefer this grammar over Sneddon's. Its most attractive feature: all sentences are given in both Malaysian and Indonesian."

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