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Living Language. German Complete Course PDF, MP3

Наука и познание >> Иностранные Языки

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Living Language. German Complete Course PDF, MP3

Название: German Complete Course
Автор: Living Language
Издательство: Living Language
Год выпуска: 2004
Жанр: учебное пособие, изучение иностранных языков, немецкий
Формат: PDF, MP3
Страниц: 376
Язык: английский, немецкий
Размер: 100 Мб

Базовый курс немецкого языка от Living Language.
• Begin with simple words and progress to complex phrases and sentences.
• Just listen and repeat after the native speakers on the recordings to learn naturally, the way you learned English.

• 40 lessons from the recordings with translations, additional vocabulary, detailed explanations, quizzes, and reviews.
• Verb charts, a comprehensive grammar summary, and a section on letter writing are also included.

• More than 20,000 words, idioms, and expressions.
• Examples show how words are used in everyday conversation
• 1,000 frequently used words are highlighted for easy reference.

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