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Mosby's 2014 Nursing Drug Reference

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19-02-2014, 13:00

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Mosby's 2014 Nursing Drug Reference
There is a difference in drug handbooks. From the leading name in nursing, Mosby's 2014 Nursing Drug Reference makes it easy to find the latest and most vital information on the drugs you administer most frequently. More than 5,000 drugs are profiled - including 70 new entries on current drugs and drugs recently approved by the FDA. And no other drug handbook places a higher emphasis on patient safety. With a full-color design and an A to Z organization, this portable reference gives you the most complete information for each drug, including dosing, side effects, interactions, and administration. Updated by nursing pharmacology expert Linda Skidmore-Roth, Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference is a bestseller that has been relied upon by nurses for over 25 years.

More than 5,000 generic and trade-name drugs are profiled, covering almost every drug you will administer in practice or in clinicals.
Attractive full-color design highlights important information for quick and easy access.
Black Box Warnings provide alerts to dangerous or life-threatening adverse reactions.
Safety Alert icon identifies situations that require special attention.
Common and life-threatening side effects are organized by body system, showing signs to watch for during assessments.
Nursing Process steps are used as the framework for organizing all nursing care information.
Coverage of IV drug administration highlights dosage and IV administration instructions, including special considerations and Y-site, syringe, and additive compatibilities.
Comprehensive drug monographs include generic names, Rx or OTC availability, pronunciations, U.S. and Canadian trade names, functional and chemical classification, controlled-substance schedule, do-not-confuse drugs, action, uses, unlabeled uses, dosages and routes, available forms, side effects, contraindications, precautions, pharmacokinetics, interactions (including drug/herb, drug/food and drug lab test), nursing considerations, and treatment of overdose.
Complete pharmacokinetic information includes the mechanism and absorption of the drug as well as its action, duration, and excretion.
Flexible, water-resistant cover provides durability in the clinical setting.
A companion website includes updates with infrequently used or recently approved drugs, a full-color pill atlas, guidelines to safe handling of chemotherapeutic agents, combination products, drugs metabolized by known P450s, medications to be cautiously for geriatric patients, herbal products, a listing of high-alert Canadian medications and immunization schedules, patient teaching guides in English and Spanish, and more.
70 NEW monographs provide up-to-date content on added or newly released drugs.

Название: Mosby's 2014 Nursing Drug Reference
Авторы: Linda Skidmore-Roth
Издательство: Mosby
ISBN: 0323170072
Год: 2013
Количество страниц: 1376
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 133 Mb

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