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Modern Food Microbiology

Наука и познание >> Биология

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3-04-2012, 09:40

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Modern Food Microbiology

The sixth edition of Modern Food Microbiology, like the previous edition, focuses on the general biology of the microorganisms that are found in foods. Thus, the contents are suitable for its use in a second or subsequent course in a microbiology curriculum, or as a primary food microbiology course in a food science or food technology curriculum. Although organic chemistry is a desirable prerequisite, it is not necessary for one to get a good grasp of the topics covered.
When used as a microbiology text, the following sequence has been found to be suitable. A synopsis of the information in Chapter 1 will provide students with a sense of the historical developments that have shaped this discipline and how it continues to evolve.
Memorizationof the many dates and events is not recommended since much of this information is presented again in the respective
chapters. The material in Chapter 2 is designed to provide a brief background on microorganisms in nature with emphasis on those that are important in foods. This material can be combined with the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of growth in Chapter 3 as they existing food products and as they affect the common foodborne organisms. Chapters 4 to 9 deal with specific food products and they may be covered to the extent desired with appropriate reviews of the relevant topics in Chapter 3.
Современная пищевая микробиология. Учебник для студентов пищевого направления, с уклоном на особенности микрофлоры пищевых продуктов в процессе производства. В книге приводятся описание определенных этапов производства и возможности загрязнениязаражения конечного продукта. А также пути решения данных проблем (стерилизация, регулирование уровня рН, соли и.т.д.).

Название: Modern Food Microbiology
Автор: Jay J.M.
Год издания: 2000
Страниц: 625
ISBN: 0-8342-1671-X
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: отличное
Размер: 12 Мб

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