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The New Small House

Журналы >> Строительство/Ремонт/Интерьер

Разместил: Gerza

3-02-2016, 18:11

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The New Small House

Название: The New Small House
Автор(ы): Katie Hutchison
Издательство: The Taunton Press
Год: 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1627109185
Страниц: 226
Язык: English
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 74 MB

Though the median size of a new single-family house is back on the rise--after a brief decline during the 2007-2009 U.S. recession--many are now choosing to live small deliberately. They're building smaller, more environmentally and economically friendly homes. The New Small House presents small-house design strategies as well as whole-house case studies from across the U.S. and Canada for homeowners eager to simplify, and remodelers, builders, architects, and designers looking for inspiration.
The ingenious and attractive designs of these 24 small houses (ranging in size from 500 square feet to 1640 square feet) suit young families, independent couples, single folks and those entering retirement. The houses are categorized by their location, from waterside gems to city dwellings and include new construction and renovations featured in 275 beautiful color photographs and 30 illustrations. The introduction defines 10 time-tested small-house design strategies, like borrowed view and daylight, multipurpose spaces, outdoors in and indoors out, pockets for privacy and more. And a bonus chapter includes five small retreats --each less than 500 square feet--in the backyard and beyond that exemplify, in even smaller packages, many of the same design strategies portrayed by the case-study houses.
For those longing for a simpler life, a small house may be right for you. The New Small House can get you started today.

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