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Urbanism (Architectural Design)


Разместил: Gerza

18-02-2015, 19:25

Просмотров: 273

Urbanism (Architectural Design)

Название: Urbanism (Architectural Design)
Автор(ы): Carles Broto
Издательство: Links International
Серия: Architectural Design
Год: 2000
ISBN: 8489861005
Страниц: 237
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 60 MB

This book gives us a direct visual information about how designers may approach open space planning. Today most of our cities are full of unidentified voids. In this book one finds how these voids are designed with an avant-garde and profound awareness. In these examples the user is no longer an observer but an active subject who uses and enjoys the urban space.

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